Fiber speed, high-performance single mode, and multimode fiber optic fast connectors offer FIBLNE 5 Years manufacturer warranty with their customizable connector structures, SC/UPC, and SC/APC alternatives, 97% domestic and high capacity production line.

Fiber Optic Production

Fiber Optic Fast Connector

High-quality SC/APC, SC/UPC fast connector production

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Single Mode and Multimode Standard Patch Cord Production

MTP® / MPO Trunk Cable

Customized Corning and YOFC Fiber Patch Cord Production in MTP®/MPO modules

Fiber Optic Breakout Patch Cord

7 mm CPRI Breakout Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production

Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail production with custom connector structures

Some of Our Customers

Zirconia Ceramic Ferrules

A+ quality Zirconia ceramic ferrules structure with high-performance PI external structure and low connection loss
Simple Usage Quick Setup

Fast Connector has a structure that does not require polish like standard connectors. It has a faster connectoring structure with optic cables, can be easily installed, and saves time and effort.

Compressing with High Precision

Fiber optic cable compression component is made of high-performance materials to effectively prevent connector wearing. It moves axially during fiber pigtail compression with the anti-loose structure in it. It effectively prevents excessive fiber connection loss and provides high performance.

Efficient Combination and Low Connection Loss

There is an axial close force at the fiber pigtail connection point. When the fiber pigtail is combined, the space between two fiber pigtails is small, and therefore, the connection loss is generally min <0.2dB and Max. 0.3dB. This allows stable and high performance.

Testing and Performance Measurement

Surface Polish Test

TX/RX Signal Quality Testing

IL/RL Test
Optical Spectrum Evaluation

Interferometer Test

Reliability and Stability Test

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to quality allows our products to be fully compatible with the strictest global standards.