Fiber Optic Infrastructure

FiberFox provides Gpon and ODN installation, ODN planning, FFTh, FTTB, FTTC, FTTN services with fiber optic infrastructure systems. Together with turnkey solutions in its services, it also offers professional solution partnerships in Datacenter, OPGW, SCADA communication systems, and many other fiber communication systems.

Some of Our Services

ODN Installation

ODN (Optical Distribution Network) is an FTTH fiber optic distribution line based on PON equipment. The installation of these lines with Gpon is carried out by our experienced teams.

Excavation and Construction

We lay fiber lines by excavating the line route by detecting and marking the existing underground infrastructure before the fiber optic excavation with advanced radars.

ODN Planning

ODN (Optical Distribution Network) verification and planning, Backbone Fiber Core, cable routes, field cabinets, splitter, and Homepass planning services are provided.

Fiber Optic Communication System

Turnkey applications are provided for the removal of traditional copper cabling systems between two or more points and communication between these objects or devices with the network topology plan of the fiber lines.

Fiber Optic SCADA Control

Turnkey applications are provided for the communication of Scada systems with TCP/IP or Modbus protocols and with designing the control systems.

Fiber Optic CCTV

Turnkey applications are provided in communication and control systems of CCTV, city surveillance cameras, border security monitoring devices in Fiber Optic communication systems.

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