Who Are We?


FiberFox, which was established as an unlimited company in 2008, became a leading global brand that provides high-speed connectivity devices and solutions with its corporate identity in 2016. FiberFox offers various standard telecommunication products and infrastructure services with Fibline brand and can offer customization in its products according to the needs of its customers. We lead the way in the industry by offering efficiency, high quality, continuous innovation, and ease of access to all our customers.

Our Strengths

Quality Guarantee

FiberFox offers its services to hundreds of customers and industries including telecommunications groups, government agencies, education centers, financial institutions, medical institutions, transportation hubs, and technology startups. Our customers can access all our services online through their computers or mobile devices.

Digital Documentations

Users can access important documentation and content through fiberfox.com.tr. FiberFox offers a wide range of inventory and multiple options for the customization of products. Each product has detailed technical specifications, installation manuals, software, and configuration protocols.

Problem-Free Service

We offer fast production and supply with a corporate warehouse system, stock, and instant production, various delivery methods of the products. In general, FiberFox offers next-day shipping and allows the use of all shipping methods. FiberFox also provides a personal account manager, free, 24/7, and professional technical support, and on-site physical support (according to an agreement) to each customer.

Infrastructure Services

FiberFox established and operates turnkey smart infrastructures based on fiber communication, telecommunication, and information technologies at home and abroad with a corporate structure, strong project management team, and large machinery - equipment park.

Quality Commitment

Our commitment to quality allows our products to be fully compatible with the strictest global standards.