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Our Services

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Fiber Optic Infrastructure Services

FiberFox offers professional support with its expertise in LAN and WAN applications and Fiber Optic Gpon, FFTh, FTTx infrastructure applications.

GSM Infrastructure Services

With developing technologies, we offer indoor and outdoor transmission solutions in new site and revision operations in one of our expertise areas, i.e., base station infrastructures.

Production and Quality

FiberFox carried out many quality standards and tests before and after product production.

Product Support

You can access product technical documents online with documentation for fiber optic Ftth, FTTx, Gpon installation, software, and configuration.

Training and Consultancy Services

We offer solution partnerships with our training and consultancy services provided by our technical expert staff.

Remote Support

Find out the basic problems and enjoy timely and targeted solutions through one-on-one remote support from our technical experts.

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