MTP MPO Trunk Cable

MTP/MPO Trunk Cable

MTP MPO Trunk Cable is fully compatible with US Conec standards, and it provides higher performance when compared to general MPO connectors. Customization is possible in size and with fiber core options (such as 12 fibers, 16 fibers, and 24 fibers) during our production stage.

Fiber Optic Production

MTP® / MPO Trunk Cable

Customized Corning and YOFC Fiber Patch Cord Production in MTP®/MPO modules

Fiber Optic Breakout Patch Cord

7 mm CPRI Breakout Fiber Optic Patch Cord Production

Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Single Mode and Multimode Standard Patch Cord Production

Fiber Optic Fast Connector

High-quality SC/APC, SC/UPC fast connector production

Fiber Optic Pigtail

Fiber optic pigtail production with custom connector structures

Some of Our Customers

Regular Fiber

Corning or YOFC Fiber

Corning ClearCurve® Fiber

    • 7,5 mm Minimum Bending Radius
    • 66N Tensile Strength
  • Significantly less signal loss with insensitive fiber pigtail for sharp transitions and challenging areas

Superior Production in MTP ® Trunk Cables

Proven Performance with US Conec

    • 0.35dB Max. IL
    • 0.15dB Typ. IL
  • Stable and fast network transmission is guaranteed with ultra-low IL
  • 100% Complies with MP standards

MTP ® Trunk Cable and Data Centers

8 fibers used for 40G/100G SR4 applications.
Point-to-point connection between rack cabinets and equipment.
It is designed for low-loss, high-density data center applications.

Testing and Performance Measurement

Surface Polish Test

TX/RX Signal Quality Testing

IL/RL Test
Optical Spectrum Evaluation

Interferometer Test

MTP® trunk cable, which is minimizing problems in cable management systems and a cost-effective, space-saving alternative for Data Centers, provides a solution instead of dense fiber patch cord applications designed to be used in data centers. US Conect MTP® connectors and Corning Clearcurve are optimized with the latest technology with YOFC fiber for 10/40/100G high traffic data center application areas.